The first of the U.S. GEOTRACES section cruises, GA03,  took place in the North Atlantic. The section was completed in two cruises, KN199-4 and KN204-1, as a result of mechanical problems during KN199-4 aboard RV Knorr in November, 2010. [links are to the final cruise reports]

GA03 station map
KN199-4 station map

KN199-4 departed Lisbon, Portugal in mid-October, 2010. The Chief Scientist was Bill Jenkins (WHOI), with Ed Boyle (MIT) and Greg Cutter (ODU) as co-Chief Scientists. A few weeks into the projected 6-week long cruise, engine problems forced the cruise to be abandoned. The last station occupied was at Station TENATSO (Tropical Eastern North Atlantic Time Series Observatory). The ship then put into port in Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde, and all the science party disembarked. RV Knorr then crossed the Atlantic to Charleston, South Carolina for off-loading and repairs.

KN204-1 station map

A year after KN199-4 was abandoned, RV Knorr departed Woods Hole, MA and completed the GA03 zonal section across the North Atlantic, with a short layover on Bermuda. Ed Boyle (MIT) was the Chief Scientist, with Greg Cutter (ODU) as co-Chief Scientist. The cruise crossed the mid-Atlantic Ridge in the vicinity of the TAG hydrothermal vent sites. The last station of KN204-1 was a re-occupation, and thus a crossover station with the last station of KN199-4, Station TENATSO. The cruise ended in Praia, Cabo Verde.

Background Material

The scientific rationale for the GEOTRACES program is laid out in the GEOTRACES Science Plan, first published in 2006.

In September, 2007, as part of a series of basin scale cruise planning meetings, one was held in Oxford, UK to discuss GEOTRACES activities in the Atlantic Basin.

In mid-2008, an announcement was sent to the community regarding the first planning meetings for U.S. GEOTRACES section cruises for the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 

Atlantic Planning Meeting

The Atlantic planning meeting (September, 2008) was held in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

The outcome of this meeting was announced in December, 2008, The North Atlantic Zonal Section Implementation Plan.

Cruise Management Proposal

After the planning meeting, a management proposal was submitted to, and approved by, NSF.  The project description of the Management Proposal and an abbreviated description of management services are available here. A series of images in Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Portable Document Format and standard JPEG formats were made available for use in preparing proposals. 

Pre-proposal Statements of Interest

Investigators who expected to submit proposals to participate in GA03, regardless of whether they had attended the planning meeting, were encouraged to submit Statements of Interest, prior submitting proposals to NSF. Proposals were submitted in February, 2009 and August, 2009.

NSF-funded proposals

Summaries of funded proposals give an overview of the science that was proposed for GA03. While no reports were generated, cruise planning meetings were held in Norfolk, Va before KN199-4 (March, 2010) and KN204-1 (March, 2011).

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