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U.S. GEOTRACES extended its meridional transect, initiated on the 2018 GP15 Alaska-Tahiti expedition, south to the Antarctic ice edge and then east to Chile with GP17-OCE (December 2022 - January 2023). Because of the potentially important trace elements and isotopes (TEIs) inputs and transformations occurring in Antarctic waters and shelves, GP17 will also have a second leg, GP17-ANT (November 29, 2023 - January 30, 2024) into coastal and shelf waters of Antarctica’s Amundsen Sea.

The two legs of this section will:

  • Complete the meridional transect of the Pacific Ocean begun on GP15 (2018)
  • Capture deep Pacific Ocean inputs to the Drake Passage
  • Further our understanding of shelf and slope processes in the Amundsen Sea
  • Study the behavior and distribution of TEIs in the Amundsen Sea Polynya(s).
  • Characterize TEI biogeochemistry in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
GP17 Proposed Cruise Tracks

        Dates: 6-8 May, 2020

        Information: This online planning meeting brought together researchers who expected to submit proposals for one or both of the GP17 expeditions. Link to the workshop announcement.

        Greg Cutter [[email protected]], or
        Ben Twining [[email protected]]

  • U.S. GEOTRACES GP17-OCE Pre-Cruise Planning Meeting

         Dates: 17-18 March, 2022

         Location: Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. Venue website and map.

         Objective: Coordinate the scientific objectives and supporting logistics for the research cruise from Tahiti to Chile (GP17-OCE) planned for December 2022-January 2023. The GP17-OCE transect will include a nearly meridional section from 20°S to 67°S, a zonal section along 67°S from 135° to 100°W, and a margin section from 67°S 100°W to the Chilean margin. Cruise leaders: Ben Twining, Jessica Fitzsimmons and Greg Cutter.


         -> Agenda

         -> Section Goals - Introductory Presentation

  • U.S. GEOTRACES GP17-ANT Pre-Cruise Planning Meeting

         Dates: 13-14 March, 2023

         Location: Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. Venue website and map.

         Objective:  The meeting was held at Old Dominion University with most of the ~70 participants in person and a few online. The main objective of the meeting was to advance the planning of the GP17-ANT cruise logistics. Since this cruise will take place on the RVIB N.B. Palmer, rather than a UNOLS vessel, as was the case for previous GEOTRACES cruises, Antarctic Support Contractors (ASC) will play a major role in supporting the cruise logistics.  Therefore, one of the objectives of the meeting was to familiarize participants with the support provided by ASC. The agenda for the meeting is attached (pdf file).

  •  GP17 Statements of Interest:  Links to all the submitted statements of interest to aid in the management proposal preparation for each cruise.
  • Collection of slides illustrating the oceanographic features that motivate these cruises:

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           -> GP17-ANT

Management Proposals Summaries

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