U.S. GEOTRACES is planning to extend its meridional transect, initiated on the 2018 GP15 Alaska-Tahiti expedition, south to the Antarctic ice edge and then east to Chile (GP17-OCE). Because of the potentially important TEI inputs and transformations occurring in Antarctic waters and shelves, GP17 will also have a second leg (GP17-ANT) into coastal and shelf waters of Antarctica’s Amundsen Sea.

The two legs of this section will:

  • Complete the meridional transect of the Pacific Ocean begun on GP15 (2018)
  • Capture deep Pacific Ocean inputs to the Drake Passage
  • Further our understanding of shelf and slope processes in the Amundsen Sea
  • Study the behavior and distribution of TEIs in the Amundsen Sea Polynya(s).
  • Characterize TEI biogeochemistry in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
GP17 Proposed Cruise Tracks

Cruise Planning Workshops

        Dates: 6-8 May, 2020

        Information: This online planning meeting brought together researchers who expected to submit proposals for one or both of the GP17 expeditions. Link to the workshop announcement.

        Greg Cutter [[email protected]], or
        Ben Twining [[email protected]]


  • U.S. GEOTRACES GP17-OCE Pre-Cruise Planning Meeting

         Dates: 17-18 March, 2022

         Location: Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. Venue website and map.

         Objective: Coordinate the scientific objectives and supporting logistics for the research cruise from Tahiti to Chile (GP17-OCE) planned for December 2022-January 2023. The GP17-OCE transect will include a nearly meridional section from 20°S to 67°S, a zonal section along 67°S from 135° to 100°W, and a margin section from 67°S 100°W to the Chilean margin. Cruise leaders: Ben Twining, Jessica Fitzsimmons and Greg Cutter.


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Background Material

  •  GP17 Statements of Interest:  Links to all the submitted statements of interest to aid in the management proposal preparation for each cruise.
  • Collection of slides illustrating the oceanographic features that motivate these cruises:

           - GP17-OCE       

           - GP17-ANT

Management Proposals Summaries

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